Lockwood Lavender Farm, Skaneateles

There is no need to go all the way to Provence, France to find beautiful lavender fields.  When researching Skaneateles Lake, NY I was thrilled to find a lavender farm in the same town I was traveling to in search of the Perfect Build Your Own Bloody Mary.  Luckily it happened to be their final weekend of the 2018 season.  Lockwood Lavender Farm is a 5th generation family owned farm, the great place for a photo shoot and the perfect place to just chill.

lavender fields and drying barn

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Bermuda 2018


Being from America I thought Bermuda would be the perfect place to dip my toe into international travel.  The Bermuda dollar is the same value as the US dollar, so the two are interchangeable.  You don’t need to exchange money you can use US dollars and get change back the same.   Bermuda is a British colony so English is the main language, a short flight, no culture shock.  Easy!

The flight from JFK was about 90 minutes, not bad considering we sat in 3 hours of traffic on our way to the airport.  We were booked at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, which is located right across from the airport.  We checked-in dropped our bags and headed right to the water….okay, the bar first.  The Gentleman at customs said we need to do 2 things when we were in Bermuda; Drink a Dark & Stormy and see the pink sand beaches.  Dark and stormy…Check.

Dark and Stormy
Dark and Stormy

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Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is Bermuda’s most famous beach, here you will find some of the iconic pink sand.  We headed out early on a Sunday and took a taxi to Horseshoe Bay.  Our taxi driver explained to us that Horseshoe bay was just the beginning of a string of beautiful beaches, that get pinker as you walk east (left if you are facing the water).

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Smart Birdy Luggage Review and Packing Tutorial

Scrolling through Facebook one day, I happened to see an ad that showed  a GIF  of little hatbox suitcase getting packed with an entire trips worth of stuff.  From then on I was fascinated.  It stands-out from your everyday rolling carry-on, it charges your devices, it is as they say  “designed by a woman for a woman.”   The one thing that kept me from buying the bag right away was the lack of reviews online.  So after showing friends and family, and asking them what they thought, I was over joyed to receive one for my 40th birthday, and start of my 40 plus Wanderlust blog endeavor.

Here is all the stuff that I need for my 5 day trip to Bermuda

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Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Atlantic City, NJ

Huge Gordon Ramsay fan here.  Hell’s Kitchen, The F word, Master Chef and my favorite; a tie between Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares.  So when I saw a billboard for a Gordon Ramsay restaurant on the Atlantic City boardwalk, I knew I would be an idiot sandwich if I didn’t check it out.

The Pub is located right in the middle of the Caesars Hotel lobby.  We were able to walk right up and be seated.  You might want to make a reservation if its during a peak time.

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How to Spend a Weekend in Boston

Boston is one of my favorite cities to visit.  Every time I visit I discover something new.  One of the oldest cities in the country, rich with history and culture, good food and great people.  Boston is the perfect combination of old and new.   My favorite example of this is the old state house standing as it was in 1713, surrounded by more modern high-rise buildings.

The Old State house Boston, MA

Here are a few of the things I like to do when I visit Boston:

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10 Things To Do In The Outer Banks, NC OBX

The Outer Banks is a string of barrier Islands of the coast of North Carolina, nicknamed OBX for short.  It has been our choice for a quite family vacation for about 10 years.  There truly is something for everybody here, history, culture, beach sports, shopping and awesome food!

Here are some of my favorite spots to visit.

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