How I Travel with Lush Solid Toiletries

Just a few of Lush’s solid toiletries

I have been a fan of Lush shampoo bars for years, they are long lasting, portable and they make your hair feel great.  It wasn’t until I started working for Lush part-time that I realized just how many solid toiletries they offered and just how great they are for travel.


It an effort to save water, reduce packaging and eliminate the need for preservatives and parabens Lush has made products that are perfect for worry-free travel.  In addition to  the shampoo bars they have solid conditioners, body lotions and body scrubs all that can be popped into a tin.

Some of the solid products in their tins

Since the products are concentrated and a little goes a long way, I forgo-ed the tins and made my own little toiletry kit, kinda like a little bento box, that contained just about everything I would need.  Being solids makes the products easy to cut into any shape that you want.  I simply purchased some small craft organizers from amazon and loaded them up with pieces of some of my favorite products.  This way there is no need to worry about taking you liquids in and out of your bag at the airport, they are going to take up less space and even if you are not flying you don’t have to worry about spilling.

My lush solid toiletry kit

In This little 4″X 5.5″ box I have

  • Snow Fairy solid shower gel
  • Big conditioner
  • Full of Grace facial serum
  • Seanik shampoo
  • Fresh Farmacy facial cleaner
  • Saucy Snowcake soap

I always keep a container of Elbow Grease in my carry-on bag.  Even though it is in a pot it is technically a solid.  It has got a million uses literally from head to toe.  Lush also has solid toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, dry shampoo, body lotions and perfumes.   The options are vast.  You can pop in to any store and they will be happy to help you pick out the products that will be best for you to build your own kit.