Bermuda 2018


Being from America I thought Bermuda would be the perfect place to dip my toe into international travel.  The Bermuda dollar is the same value as the US dollar, so the two are interchangeable.  You don’t need to exchange money you can use US dollars and get change back the same.   Bermuda is a British colony so English is the main language, a short flight, no culture shock.  Easy!

The flight from JFK was about 90 minutes, not bad considering we sat in 3 hours of traffic on our way to the airport.  We were booked at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, which is located right across from the airport.  We checked-in dropped our bags and headed right to the water….okay, the bar first.  The Gentleman at customs said we need to do 2 things when we were in Bermuda; Drink a Dark & Stormy and see the pink sand beaches.  Dark and stormy…Check.

Dark and Stormy
Dark and Stormy

Grotto Bay Beach Resort is the only resort in Bermuda that gives you the option to purchase and all-inclusive supplement.  The all-inclusive supplement is about $115 per day and it includes all of you food and drinks as well as water sports (kayaks paddle boards, snorkeling gear and floats and rafts) and to top it off a public transit pass that includes all buses and ferries.   It more than pays for it’s self every day because everything in Bermuda is EXPENSIVE!

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Now about that water.  Bermuda has AMAZING blue waters and it is all crystal clear.  Everywhere you look there is another incredible shade of blue.

Stones on the beach at Grotto Bay

The first night the resort was having an out door BBQ at the bar/cafe down by the beach.  There was a live band playing and tons of food.  We must have been hungry because neither of us took a single picture at dinner.  After dinner we decided to check out the famous Swizzle Inn that just right up the street from the Grotto Bay and their signature drink the Rum Swizzle.

Dollar bills covering the ceiling at the Swizzle Inn
Rum Swizzle

The next morning we got up and had a big breakfast and then headed out to find the Sea Glass Beach that I read about online and to figure out the Bermudan public transportation system.  We took the bus from Grotto Bay to Hamilton, which turned out to be a great way to take in the sights.  The locals on the bus were more than happy to help us navigate the bus system.  They even made it a priority to see that we made the correct transfers and got to off at the right stops.  After exploring Hamilton for a little while we took the ferry to the Dockyard area.

Bermuda Ferry
Bermuda Ferry Boat


From the Dockyard it’s a short walk to the Sea Glass Beach.  You can check my full post on the Sea Glass Beach Here.

Sea Glass Beach

The next day we checked out the iconic Horseshoe Bay Beach.  Check out my full story on Horseshoe Bay Here.


Long Tail Bird Flying over Horseshoe Bay
cool-aid blue water at Horseshoe Bay

After spending the morning at Horseshoe Bay we went back to Hamilton.  This is a good area to do some shopping.  There are plenty of high-end store here and souvenir shops.


Gosling Brothers
Gosling Brothers Bermuda
Poem stairs, Bermuda
Poem Stairs in Hamilton

On our final day in Bermuda we got notification that our flight home was delayed several hours, that gave us the opportunity to check out one final area, St Georges.

This turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The streets along the waterfront are full of shops and restaurants.  There was also tons of historic sights here.  Including People dressed in period costumes.  St. Georges is the original area settled by the British in 1609.

Town Hall St George’s Bermuda
St George’s Bermuda Town Hall
Monument in St Georges