Fun Girls Getaway That Won’t Break The Bank

It has been a long, very long winter here in the northeast.   To break it up my mother, sister and I took a girls getaway to Fort Myers Beach, FL.  This is our second time taking the trip, so this year we were able streamline everything to save  money and optimize our time away.

The sun coming up as we wait for out plane to get here.

  Our flight was delayed 2 hours but at least we got to enjoy some cocktails at 8AM

The first sign we have left the freezing cold behind us.

View of the Lani Kai from Fort Myers Beach

Check out more on Lani Kai Resort here.


Some of the Great Food and Drink Deals

If you are looking to go somewhere and just post up for a few days, enjoy the beach  and not spend a ton of money the Lani Kai in Fort Myers, FL is perfect.   They have $2.50 drink specials at their different bars through out the day.  They have $2.95 breakfasts, lunch and dinner specials through out  the hotel restaurants.   They also have waitresses on the beach that will bring drinks right to your beach chairs.

Through out the day….and well into the morning, they have tons of free entertainment.   They have a DJ on the beach that plays music and beach games, like giant beer pong, hula hoop contests, giant Jenga, water balloon catch.   Then they have live bands at different spots though out  the resort.   There is also a night club on the beach at night.  The music does not stop until 2am, so if you are looking for a quite getaway this is no the place.  If you are looking to feel like you are on a spring break trip at any age, this is your place.


Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico


View from beach chair

One last sunset before we head back to the winter up north.

On the $89 flight home, not only did I get free TSA Precheck and my own row; but the entire Airbus A320 only had 10 passengers!   Me, my mom and sister had the entire back 2/3s of the plane to ourselves.   Too bad most of the flight was through a freezing rain rain storm other wise it would have been the best flight ever.

Check out a video of just how empty the plane was here.