Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Atlantic City, NJ

Huge Gordon Ramsay fan here.  Hell’s Kitchen, The F word, Master Chef and my favorite; a tie between Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares.  So when I saw a billboard for a Gordon Ramsay restaurant on the Atlantic City boardwalk, I knew I would be an idiot sandwich if I didn’t check it out.

The Pub is located right in the middle of the Caesars Hotel lobby.  We were able to walk right up and be seated.  You might want to make a reservation if its during a peak time.

I went with, Irishman walks into a bar; Jameson, St-Germain, Drambuie, lemon and then topped with prosecco.  Definitely on the strong side.

Truffle Chips with garlic aoli

Lobster roll with meyer lemon mayo

I had to go with the Hell’s Kitchen Beef Wellington.  It was excellent!


Don’t forget dessert

After the apps and the beef wellington we were stuffed, so we took a little break to gamble a little bit.  We returned to the pub and had dessert and drinks at the bar.  The bartender suggested the sticky toffee pudding.  It was awesome.  A warm sponge cake served with ice cream and a toffee caramel that you pour all over both.  It’s his mother’s recipe and it’s served in all of his restaurants.


The entire meal was amazing and the atmosphere is casual and laid back. Will definitely return.