Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is Bermuda’s most famous beach, here you will find some of the iconic pink sand.  We headed out early on a Sunday and took a taxi to Horseshoe Bay.  Our taxi driver explained to us that Horseshoe bay was just the beginning of a string of beautiful beaches, that get pinker as you walk east (left if you are facing the water).

Horseshoe Bay is the only one of the beaches that has facilities.  They have restroom, beach shop that sells t-shirts and sunscreen, snack bar and a tiki bar that sells cocktails outside.  On the beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas for the day.

We got to Horseshoe Bay early, around 10am and there was only a hand full of people there.

I had planned to take some beautiful professional photos with my Nikon D7000 I’d lugged with me.  Imagine my disappointment when I got onto the beach and started taking pictures, only to find that I forget to put one of the memory cards back in it and  couldn’t get it to store any photos.   I managed to get some good pics and videos with my iPhone and gopro.

I felt like I was in a Corona commercial so I couldn’t help myself.  We rented some chairs and and an umbrella.  I was already sun burnt from Sea Glass Beach the day before.

My favorite spot I found exploring the caves and coves.  It was a super pink spot and the water was neon blue.


Just passed Horseshoe Bay there is another little beach between some rocky caves called Butts Beach.  Here I saw the iconic Bermuda Longtail birds flying above the rocks.

At the southern most tip of Horseshoe Bay you will fine a cove surrounded by rocks and protecting it from waves.  This is a perfect area for kids or people that don’t like waves.  It is a pretty small cove so it fills up quick.


  • Take taxi or shuttle if possible.  If you arrive by bus, the bus stop is at the top of the hill.  So you will have to walk down a steep 1/2 mile hill.  They have built wooden stairs to aid with the trips up and down.
  • Get there early.  If you’re not coming to the beach off of a cruise ship, get there early before the shuttles start arriving. We got there at 10 and had our pick of spots, by 2pm the entire beach was full.
  • Take the time to walk along the beaches and explore the many coves and caves.
  • If you want bring some sand home, they did not have the little jars they sell literately everywhere else on the island, so pick one up before you come.