My Travel Survival Kit

I like to pack as light as possible but I always like to be prepared, that’s why I created a little kit that would address just about any situation. I bought a travel organizer and filled it up.  Here is an idea of what I like to put in to mine.

My Travel Survival Kit
  • IPod Touch: If anything were to happen to my phone, with the right apps and some WI-fi I could get by with it.  Also, it could be used in place of phone to listen to books or music.
  • Medications:  I always bring along some Tylenol and Advil and Amodium & Benadryl
  • Comfort & Beauty:  I like to pack a couple eye and face masks, in case I get puffy eyes or if my skin gets dried out.  I also throw in a couple waxing strips,  unibrows and mustaches are not cute.
  • Kindle Paperwhite:  This thing stays charged for weeks with moderate use and months with occasional use so it it always ready to go and it holds a million books,  maybe not a million but way more than you could read on a trip around the world.
  • Misc:  extra set of headphones, mini charger cable, mirror, flossers, wet wipes, sewing kit, tweezers, tampons, eyeglass wipes, stain wipes, nail clippers, tiny first aid kit and a couple of my favorite tea bags.

The best part is it’s so small you can chuck it into your purse or day bag once you get to you destination and you’ve got everything you need in one place.

My Travel Survival Kit all all packed up.

It is a compact and easy way to be prepared, you can tailor on to fit your needs or it would be a nice gift for some one who travels. Below is a link to the organizer I bought.  I gave mine some pizazz with some ribbon and glue.  It holds everything nicely and the kindle fits Perfectly in the front pocket.


I found a set of 3 mini packing cubes and the medium one is a perfect fit.  I was able to put double the amount of stuff in this one and it takes up no more space than the other one.  I did take out the Kindle Paperwhite, but that can be thrown into any bag on its own.