Sea Glass Beach, Hamilton, Bermuda

If you’ve ever googled best places to find sea glass, I’m sure Bermuda came up in your search results.  No need to scour the entire shore for a piece of sea glass, because the entire beach is covered in piles of it.

Entering the Glass Beach from the path in the woods

Some of the sculptures covered in sea glass.  This guy looks like he’s seen better days.

School of tiny fish swimming amid the sea glass.

It looks like there used to be a little picnic area with a barbecue, this too looks pretty run down.

You can hear the glass rustling as the waves come in, it almost sounds like a wind chime.

Glass Beach is located behind this row of houses on  the main road

View of the row houses from the beach.

Now for the not so pretty part.  The area where you find Glass Beach used to be the dump for the dockyard.  As you can see in the pictures below, as the banks erode you can see the bags of trash that have been buried there.

Below I attached the walking directions from the Dockyard.  We met a couple women on their way back from  Glass Beach and they gave us a little shortcut.  Once you pass the bus stop, keep right and walk along the coast.  There is a path through the woods and this will bring you right to the Glass Beach.  Otherwise you can enter in between the Blue houses on the main road and walk down the stairs.