Smart Birdy Luggage Review and Packing Tutorial

Scrolling through Facebook one day, I happened to see an ad that showed  a GIF  of little hatbox suitcase getting packed with an entire trips worth of stuff.  From then on I was fascinated.  It stands-out from your everyday rolling carry-on, it charges your devices, it is as they say  “designed by a woman for a woman.”   The one thing that kept me from buying the bag right away was the lack of reviews online.  So after showing friends and family, and asking them what they thought, I was over joyed to receive one for my 40th birthday, and start of my 40 plus Wanderlust blog endeavor.

Here is all the stuff that I need for my 5 day trip to Bermuda

In the bottom shoe compartment I have a pair of sandals and a pair of Tieks and my Lush Solid Toiletries Kit.

To make a nice flat layer I filled in the gaps with a maxi dress, 2 convertible swim cover-ups, a basic black dress and a kimono jacket.

Once the bottom shoe compartment is zipped up it makes a nice flat bottom to start packing up.

Next, I put in packing cube filled with all my GoPro mounts and DSLR accessories, batteries and chargers.  If you didn’t have as much camera stuff to bring as I do you could easy fit another 10-12 pieces.  But I am trying keep my personal item lighter on this trip.

Next I rolled up most of my clothes and packed them in tightly.  I use a combination of rolling and packing cubes because of TSA.  On more than one occasion I’ve had the entire contents of my carry-on taken out of my bag and laid on a table. I find it is easier to keep things organized this way.

In this packing cube I have all of my smaller stuff,  like underwear, socks,  swimsuit, rash guard & board shorts and my beach roundie. My Travel Survival Kit and a pair jeans.  I stuffed my bras in one of the provided compartments, my brush and some Lush dry shampoo in the other and my packing cube with my make-up in the the top compartment.

All Packed up.

In the front of the bag I have my 12.9 iPad pro.   Packed the bag weighs 26 lbs,  that’s where the wheels come in.  All the other hat-box luggage I have seen does not have wheels.

As always when traveling, I’ll be wearing my bulkiest items when I fly, ex denim jacket and sneakers my travel scarf.

The Bags come with a number of accessories.  Mine came with a laundry bag, a shoulder strap, a detachable wristlet, a giant tote bag that is big enough to hold the suitcase and all of them come with a rechargeable battery pack that charges 2 devices at the same time.  It is removable so you can carry it with you when you get to your destination.

On their website there are several other accessories you can purchase, like matching jewelry bag and Bluetooth speaker.   For Bermuda I am just bringing the tote bag, I can use it as a beach bag, to keep my camera stuff in or if I purchase a bunch of souvenirs.

Here What I packed:

Sandals 3 Dresses Swimsuit
Tieks 2 Pairs of Leggings Board Shorts & Rash guard
Beach Roundie 2 Tank tops 4 Pairs Socks
Make-up Bag 2 Dressy Tops 4 Pairs Underwear
Camera Accessories 1 Tunic Top 2 Bras
Solid toiletry Kit 1 Kimono Jacket PJ Shorts
Hair Brush 2 Swim Cover-ups 12.9”iPad
Deodorant Work out pants & Sports Bra Chargers
1 Pair of Jeans    

Bottom Line:

The bag seems very well made.  It actually does hold a lot of stuff.  I should note, I wear a size 14 jeans, and 8 1/2 shoes.  So a tiny gal could fit a ton in here.   The wheels on here are awesome and this is has a great zipper.  It sounds like a weird observation but I drives me nuts when zippers get stuck or are a pain in the butt to zip, this one can handle being stuffed and still zips right up.  It fits fine into the overhead bins.  I’ll keep you post on wear and tear as it gets some miles on it.

If you can splurge and get yourself one, I highly recommend it.  She is a beautiful and well made bag that will stand-out among the million square black rollies at the airport.

**UPDATE** June 2019

My original black bag is still in perfect condition.  I added another bag to my “flock” a few weeks back when they were having a Spring Cleaning sale.  I had my eye on the mint bag since last spring and I was thrilled to see they were selling it again.    They lighter color is a little harder to keep looking…well, mint, but a magic eraser cleans her up great. 

On a recent trip to Newport I stuffed the Mint bag with:

  • Full Mavic Drone in case with 3 extra batteries
  • Nikon Dslr
  • Travel Dryer
  • All My Chargers
  • GoPro Camera
  • Ipad